Vastu Shastra


Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is the ancient system of architecture, based on which the homes, offices, shops, etc were constructed. Even today, people prefer Vastu Shastra as the base before they even start any construction.

The reason is very simple – the way everything is designed in a home – affects an individual, his health, family, possessions, etc. So Vastu shastra play a very crucial role in the everyday life of a person.

The placement of each and everything in the building has to be very precise, be it a mirror or bed, or kitchen sink or the temple, water tap, dimensions of rooms, etc. Everything has a proper position and has an effect on the members residing there. So it is very important that everything should be aligned.

It brings in harmony and prosperity in the house. This system is so robust that even in this modern era, people prefer to get their construction done according to the Vastu Shastra.

The proper placement helps in attracting positive vibes, good health and happiness.

Here Are Some of the Benefits of Vastu Shastra:
  • Brings in prosperity and harmony in life
  • Enhances personal relations
  • Increases money flow
  • Avoids any unwanted, evil energies
  • Peace of mind, leading to a quality life
  • Sharpens brain and memory power

When it comes to how effective is Vastu Shastra, there is no doubt here as this method is based on mathematical calculations, Vastu principles and science. Also, the best astrologer will always tell you the best solution and a way to fix your construction needs.

Any area that is built based on Vastu Shastra, always attracts positive vibes from the universe that leads to the success of the people living in.

What If Someone Does Not Follow Vastu Shastra?

There are some people who neglect this science and chose to build the home or any other area, in their own way, but this leads to many problems, such as:

  • Loss of life
  • Loss of money
  • Negative impact on physical and mental health
  • Loss in business or property
  • Negatively affected personal relations
  • Personal life problems & Solution?

Luckily, the best astrologer in Jaipur – Pandit Purshotam gaur, with his expertise in the region can resolve your problems very effectively. He is an expert in Vastu Shastra and will guide you as to why you are facing the problem and what could be the best solution for that.

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