How To Use Mantra For Healing

How To Use Mantra For Healing

The lives have become busier than ever. Everyone is busy chasing the future goals and dreams to be achieved. But has anyone stopped and reflected back for a second?

What you have been doing? For what you have been running? What goals will you achieve? Is it all worth it? These are some of the questions, you should ask yourself once in a while.

Having a goal and running after it is good. But pausing and rejuvenating yourself is equally important. The level of stress and depression is increasing day by day.

Every second person is being held in the shackles of stress and depression. In this fast-moving and demanding life, you need to find a way to revitalize your energy.

The human body consist of Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Space. Each of these elements have a special role, both in the human body and the surrounding atmosphere. And it is this role that forms a connection for the transformation of energy between both body and atmosphere.

Now, one of the best ways to heal yourself of this everyday stress is – Mantra. The chanting of mantras has scientifically proven to have positive effects on the body. The mantra power is a very effective way to heal any type of stress or problem.

The best thing about mantra therapy is, its effect is not just limited to the physical body. It also extends its healing power to the materialistic, psychological and spiritual world.

Talking from the physical point of view

According to science, it has been proven that, chanting mantras and the energy emitting from the sound has a healing effect on the body.

The best example of this can be the results seen from the chanting of the mantra ‘OM’. It is proven that frequent chanting of ‘OM’, produces some vibrations. And these vibrations activate the chakras present in the body.


Talking from the spiritual point of view

It is believed that regular mantra chanting with dedication and devotion, brings you closer to God.

This can be very well explained from this Sanskrit shloka –  “देवाधीनं जगत्सर्वं, मंत्राधीनं देवता”. The literal meaning of the shloka is – the world is in pursuance with the Gods/Devtas and the devas are in pursuance with the mantras.

Well, this clearly defines it. If you want to be closer to God, one way is to chant mantras.

Mantra Healing

Talking from the psychological point of view

mantras have a significant effect, physically. And undoubtedly, it also shows its powers psychologically. It has been seen in several cases where mantras have had a healing impact psychologically.

The sound has a unique quality of transmitting both positive as well as negative energy. A soothing sound or the sound of a mantra gives a relaxing feeling and calms all your senses. This relaxation and calmness along with physical healing give you psychological peace as well.

mantra healing

Talking from the materialistic point of view

Everything in this world which is born, will one day be destroyed. This is a universal truth. While there is life, there is a relation between each alive component on this earth.

Each element has a way of passing on energy from one component to the other. In this materialistic world, our body consists of five elements. And by chanting mantras, each of these elements passes energy to each other.

Chanting mantras can be the best healing therapy. Nowadays even the doctors recommend this, especially to patients dealing with depression and anxiety. In fact, many therapy homes have been opened, to give this type of treatment.

Mantra Healing- physical

Things to keep in mind while chanting mantras –

  • Create your own special place to chant
  • Light your favorite incense or candle
  • Put a picture or figurine or any solid form that inspires you
  • Fix a daily routine and be consistent in following it
  • Relax your mind and body before starting to chant
  • Start with a prayer or by showing gratitude to the deity you believe in
  • Make sure you are sitting in the right posture
  • You can use beads to keep a count of the number of times you chanted the mantra.
  • The correct pronunciation of the mantra is very important
  • Sitting and facing the right direction is also important. Try to sit in a direction where you are facing the north.
mantra healing

Mantra chanting can be a really great healing therapy. Not only it makes you strong spiritually, but scientifically also it has proven to be good for the body and mind. But another thing that is also very important about mantra chanting is having an apt knowledge about it.

Get the mantra from a learned astrologer or a guru, who can give you the best knowledge about it and also tell you its correct pronunciation.

Try the mantra healing therapy and experience the changes for yourself. Do share your experiences or thoughts about how to use mantra for healing in the comment box.

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