Lucky Stone Chart


Lucky Stone Chart

By doing deep calculation and studying your horoscope in detail, the position of the weak planets can be found out, and a ring is made of the particular week planet accordingly as an antidote relieving from damages.

So, you can have benefit of Real Gems or Ring according to my suggestion about stone, metal and weight. This system is helped many people to the large extent. By minimizing the power of weak planets and increasing the good effects of weak planets giving double benefits.

Here we are giving general stone chart :-

Jan21-Feb21 Aquarius aquarius Hessonite gomed01 1
Feb22-Mar21 Pisces pisces Cat’s eye catseyeblack 1
Apr21-May21 Taurus taurus Diamond or White Sapphire diamond01 whitesapphire
May22-Jun21 Gemini gemini Emerald emerald02
June22-July22 Cancer cancer Pearl pearl01
July23-Aug22 Leo leo Ruby ruby02 1
Aug23-Sept22 Virgo virgo Emerald emerald02 1
Sept23-Oct23 Libra libra Diamond or White Sapphire diamond01 whitesapphire
Oct24-Nov21 Scorpio scorpio Red Coral or Ruby corel02 ruby01
Nov22-Dec21 Sagittarius sagittarius Yellow Sapphire yellosapphire01 1
Dec22-Jan20 Capricorn capricorn Blue Sapphire bluesapphire02 1
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